St Patrick's Catholic School Te Awamutu

Our school day begins with ...

First Bell @ 8:15am - students are allowed on the school site (if students have to

                                       be on the school site before 8:15am, they must sit in the designated

                                       areas until this bell rings).

Bell @ 8:45am - Get organised for class.

Bell @ 8:50am - Signals the start of the school day (on Mondays the whole school gathers

                              in the church for a Prayer Assembly). On other days, all classes start with

                              prayer in the classroom.

                              In this first block of learning all classes are generally learning from the

                              core learning areas - RE, Literacy, Maths.

Bell @ 10:30am - Signals the start of Interval.

Bell @ 10:55am  - Signals the second block of learning, where most classes continue with

                          learning from the core learning areas.

Bell @ 11:55am - Brain break (classes break from learning

                                                        to do some form of physical exercise). 

Bell @ 12.05pm - Second block learning continues....

Bell @ 12:40pm - Signals the beginning of lunchtime.

Bell @ 1:25pm - Signals the end of lunchtime, time for students to organize themselves for

                              the afternoon programme.

Bell @ 1:20pm - The afternoon programme begins, generally with a quietening down

                              period of reading before most classes carry on  learning from the rich

                              curriculum areas.

Bell @ 2:45pm - Signals the end of learning and time to pack up.

Bell @ 2:50pm - Signals the end of the school day - hometime!


On most Fridays, there is an Assembly,

*  either Team 1(Junior School) and Team 2 (Middle School)  on even weeks @ 2:30pm in the Junior Quad/or a Junior classroom if wet.

*  or Team 3 (Senior School) on odd weeks (not Week 1) @ 2:15pm in the Hall.