St Patrick's Catholic School Te Awamutu

Vision : We want our students to be :

*  Confident  - positive in their own identity (including their Catholic/Christian identity)

                              - motivated and reliable

                              - resoureful

                              - enterprising and entrepreneurial

                             - Resilient


*  Connected - able to relate well to others and to God

                                - effective users of communcation tools

                                - connected to the land and environment

                                - members of communities (incuding our parish community)

                               - international citizens


*  Actvely involved - participants ina range of life contexts

                                             - contributors to the well-being of New Zealand - spiritual, social,

                                                 cultural, economic and environmental


*  Lifelong learners - literate & numerate

                                             - critical & creative thinkers

                                             - active seekers, users and creators of knowledge

                                             - informed decision makers


Values - We want our students to value :


*  Innovation, inquiry and curiosity

*  Diversity

*  Equity

*  Communit and participation

*  Ecological sustainability

*  Integrity


Principles - Our students are involved in a Curriculum that :

*  Has high expectations

*  Embodies the principles of  the Treaty of Waitangi

*  Is aware of cultural diversity

*  Is  inclusive of difference in our society

*  encourages students to learn how to learn

*  Actively seek connection to our community

*  Is coherant

*  Is future focussed


Key Competencies - As part of their learning we want our students to :                        

*  Be able to use a range of Thinking Skills

*  Use languages, symbols and texts

Manage themselves

Relate to others

Participate and contribute


Learning Areas     The Curriculum is broken into 'Learning Areas'.

The Core Learning Areas at our school are :

*  Religious Education

*  Literacy (Reading, Writing)

*  Numeracy (Mathematics & Statistics)

There is also the Rich Curriculum where the other Learning Areas are located.

They are :

*  Learning Language (this includes Te Reo Maori)

*  Social Sciences (formerly Social Studies)

*  Science

*  Health & Physical Education

*  Technology

*  The Arts (including visual arts, performing arts - music and drama)


Woven through the Learning Areas are :

21st Century Learning - Developing thinking skills, Inquiry Learning and LEOTC (Learning Outside of the Classroom)